Friday, June 27, 2014

I have retired. this business is terrible for the hearts and minds, of both the models and the men looking at it.

Sign off the Internet, get off your phone..there is a deep, beautiful world that has no flesh...and you will regret missing it...why waste eternity for what your penis feels like for 5 minutes? It's all a game and the house always LEAVE the casino.

Friday, October 19, 2012


1. Age: 27

2: Real breasts?


Yes, I am a 32dddd/32G they are very natural. Thank you to Fredericks of Hollywood for helping them look good ;)

3. Ethnicity:

I grew up in Russia. I am half Russian (specifically Siberian Tatar) and half Egyptian.

4: Where do you live?

I live in America. I travel internationally at least once a month. I do not give out my home address because I have seen enough Datelines to know how the internet operates ;).

5: Can you chat? Want a boyfriend? Want to date?

No. I am not on here for romance. I have an effortless time offline meeting men. This is for promotion of myself and modeling.

6. Do you want to see my penis?

No. And I will block you. Unless a woman is a complete weirdo, she does NOT want to see your penis online. I'm not understanding why guys think that's a turn on.

7. Do you do fansigns?

No. I have done them in the past and that time is over.


8. How can I see more of you?


I will be doing LIVE streamate shows in November. I can chat, dance, tantalize and sensualize ;). No hardcore porn, and completely respectful. I will be working on a new site displaying my Glam Modeling as well!


9. What athletes have you dated?


A few, and they are just like regular guys. Don't feel intimidated. Everyone is human.


10. What are your hobbies?

Watching, playing sports, cooking, laughing, Boardwalk Empire, Bill Maher, political discussions, eating natural and organic, traveling, make-up, dressing up, dancing and staying fit ;)


11. Do you like sex?


Of course, I am a monogamous, deeply passionate, very clean and sensual woman. I choose my partners very wisely and put my heart and soul into intense romance. I could never be an escort or sleep around because I need a deep connection.


12. What type of men are you into?

Intelligent, sweet, confident, athletic, cute face, nice eyes, assertive but respectful and of course very funny ;)